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sound like an autumn flock of roosting grackles disturbed ani
quarrelling in the branches of a darkened tree.

He found a negro boy at last and took him out to get Mr.
Christian's buggy. The buggy by now was another twenty-
five yards down the street. "Mr. Munn," the girl said, as
he reached to take her hand and help her down, " since
you left, the pace has been breath-taking. The mare's in a

" So I see," Mr. Munn answered shortly.
"Like hell," Mr. Christian said, and heaved his bulk into
the street "Don't pay her no mind, Perse," he added, and
shook himself like a dog and beat the dust out of his black
coat with his red, hairy hands; "she just talks that way.
Besides, I didn't tell her you're married." He seized the girl's
arm and shook her playfully, as one shakes a child. " I fooled
you, huh, Sukie; I just told you he was a coming young lawyer,
but I didn't tell you he was married." He laughed short,
hearty bursts from under the red moustaches, and beat more
dust out of the black coat. " I fooled you, huh, Sukie?"

As they pushed through the crowd, the girl turned to Mr.
Mima and inquired in a tone in which he detected, he
thought, a mincing parody of politeness. "And how long
tone you been married, Mr. Munn?"
w How nice 1" she exclaimed.

He did not like her, he suddenly decided, and did not
answer, pretending, for the moment, to be absorbed in the
dffictthjr of clearing a way toward the hotel through the mob.
fifa tatted to him like a grown person talking to a child,
atllug a child his age, for instance, or what grade he was in.
**And what is your wife's name, Mr, Munn?" she was

Ifett b damned if he'd tell her, not when she asked the
that way, but he knew he'd have to for the sake of
Bę.  But Mr, Christian was saying in his big voice-
far Hart May, Jfry Cox before she married Perse
a mistake, God knows-and she's pretty as a